Worthless Pounds

Kaleigh, 18. Aspiring writer that just wants to move away from a small town. I have a love/hate relationship with life. Sometimes I think about giving up, but where is the fun in that? All I can say is that I am trying. *Some images and posts may be triggering, I am not here to glorify eating disorders, just to express myself*


Why is mentally falling apart not a good enough ‘excuse’ to stay home from school? I can’t focus, I want to die, sorry I don’t want to learn calculus right now.

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My mouth can’t translate the things my heart says.


i wish people had crushes on me 

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i saw one direction in concert and i still don’t believe they’re real

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why are college and university textbooks so expensive, i could have bought four dogs instead of the textbooks i bought for this semester. and thats just sad. because now i’m broke, i have readings to do, and i don’t have four dogs. 

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I’m the type that loves clingy. You can’t sleep at 3 am, maybe 4? That’s okay, call me. I don’t mind if you wake me up. You’re never annoying to me, no matter how many times you call or text me. I love it. I love that you care so much.

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